123-1 First Custom Tune Purchase Ford 6.0L (2003-2007) & E-350 Vans


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Dating back to 2004, our 6.0L tunes are designed to offer various options that increase horsepower and torque, based on your application. We thrive for fuel mileage and cater to comfortable daily drivers, as well as, the racing/pulling enthusiasts.
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Computer Strategies::
For instructions on how to read your engine and transmission strategies, please read below.
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123-1 First Custom Tune Purchase Ford 6.0L (2003-2007) & E-350 Vans


For stock injectors and/or turbo, the first tuning file is $50.  Each additional is $40.

For aftermarket injectors and/or turbo, the first tuning file is $65 and each additional is $55.

If you wish to purchase more than one tune, please choose part number 123-1 for the first and part number 123-2 for each additional.



We write your tunes specifically for the computer in your truck.  You can tell us what that is by reading both your engine and transmission strategies:

To read your strategy, first you need to return to stock tuning, if you are tuned.  Connect the tuner to the obdii port in the truck and scroll over to Vehicle Information, press Select.  Follow the instructions on the tuner and let us know the VX (engine strategy) and TQ (transmission strategy.  This will tell us what computer is in your truck and that is what we write the files for.

We implement the revolutions per mile in all your tunes.  That helps with shifting and fuel mileage but if you change tires, you have to let us know as both shifting and fuel mileage will suffer.  There is never a charge for updating your tires.

Please take note this is custom tuning.  We do not recommend loading tunes on a vehicle, if the files were not written for that vehicle.


Here is a little bit of information about our tunes:

Economy - is designed for bumper-to-bumper traffic to reduce turbo lag.  You can save between 2-4 mpg. (40rwhp)


Economy Only - We have found that most people get the best fuel mileage from our Looney tune, as long as they are not always on the pedal.  This file is designed in the image of the Looney but does not contain performance parameters.  You can save 3-6 mpg. With this file you cannot tow at all.  (40-50rwhp)


Transmission Only File - We do not recommend towing more than 10,000, on flat ground and 8,000, in very hilly or mountainous terrain, with a file, any file or anybody's file.  This file is the alternative.  With the transmission shifting properly you will feel the truck to be stronger (+/- 20hp).


Tow - is designed for pulling.  A normal tow file is about 50hp, when aggressive can range between 65-75.  We can also add jake brake to any tow file.  This feature works with the exhaust back pressure in your truck and you must have your tow-haul on when pulling weight but don't need to turn tow-haul on if not towing.


Eco City- Was designed for people who tow often and/or tow heavy who don’t want to change tunes when not towing.  It is an economy/tow type file with 80-85hp and most people find it very fuel efficient.  It is also the file we recommend for when it is very cold, the streets are slippery or the weather is just bad.


Street - is designed for highway driving.  It's drivability parameters are intensified for ease in passing and maintaining higher speeds for longer periods of time. (90-120rwhp)


Street_pct – This is a new file.  Seems to be a little stronger than the Street file and brings the power on more progressively.  (90-120rwhp)


Looney - is designed for daily driving.   We've been told it shifts better than stock and as long as you are not always on the pedal, you will save FUEL!   It is written to give you the most power, for daily driving, will still keeping your gaskets intact.  It can be very fuel efficient. (130-160rwhp)


Looney Fuel – is designed for daily driving.  It is very similar to the Looney and for some it feels stronger, while for others, the Looney is still the one.  Basically we applied parameters from the Looney Wild that provide more airflow, in an attempt to increase fuel mileage. (130-160rwhp)


Looney_pct – Like the Street_pct, this Looney is designed to bring the power on more progressively. (130-160 rwhp) 


Looney Wild - 20-30 hp more than the Looney but we only offer to customers with aftermarket headstuds.  This is a daily driver file and seems to be the most fuel efficient we offer for the 6.0L (150-190 rwhp)


Looney Wild_pct – Like the Street_pct and Looney_pct, this file is designed to bring the power on more progressively.


Looney Wild Track - Same horsepower as the Looney Wild but you don't need headstuds to run this file since it is NOT a daily driver file.  It is only for racing/competition pulling and the dyno.  Basically what we do is take away a lot of the drivability to give you more power to the ground.

The above categories can be modified for your particular application.   Let us know what you are looking for and we'll tune to your specs.

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  • 5

    Posted by HARRY on May 11th 2020

    this tune worked great and they made it to my needs helped my mpg by 2 i have a 05 f350 and it helped thanks

  • 5
    Looney wild 190 PCT

    Posted by Sebastian on May 5th 2020

    After talking to Eric he recommended this tune. Boy this was waking up my 6L powerstroke. It has a calm & static power curve just right for my daily driven F250.
    It is a big upgrade to my canned SCT "street" tune...
    worth every penny
    + it shut of some "disco lights" and Codes .

    I am definitly getting a TOW tune as well

  • 5
    The best

    Posted by Christian on Nov 26th 2019

    Recently purchased two tune here, and I could not be more pleased. I called before buying asking how it all works. The staff was great and very knowledgeable. I order the tunes and they were in my email in a matter of 30 mins maybe less. The tunes i bought have really changed the driving experience of my truck. Five out of five stars. Strongly recommend! They have mine and friends business for now on, Thanks yall.

  • 5
    Required tune for my truck!

    Posted by Derek Smith on Nov 11th 2019

    I purchased the Looney Tune after trying tunes from another well know tuner and still not being happy. I still had substantial lag off the line that was enough that you had to be careful pulling out into traffic. From the moment I loaded the Looney Tune all this has changed. This tune makes my Excursion on 35" tires take off like a gasser. So much more pleasant to drive. Shifts are still smooth with no harsh shifting and smoke is minimal as long as you don't floor it. If you want smoke you have an opportunity to roll coal on command by flooring it from a stop. Otherwise ease into it and very little smoke. Very happy with this tune!!!

  • 5
    Looney tune and excellent customer service

    Posted by Jon Wainwright on Sep 17th 2019

    First custom tune purchase and beyond satisfied. Definitely wakes up the truck. Better throttle response and mileage. Eric was super helpful with answering questions and providing a quick turnaround. Made the purchase and had the tune emailed to me within a couple hours. Detailed instructions were provided on how to load the tune onto the device. Highly recommend Quick Tricks to anyone looking for great tunes and customer service.

  • 5
    LooneyWild pct

    Posted by Thomas Tribble on Aug 30th 2019

    I like the LooneyWild pct tune a lot. The truck feels strong and the progressive throttle modulation makes it nice to drive. I really like the way the pedal transitions into the power. It's my favorite daily driving tune. Among the other tunes that I have tried in this category, it makes the most power in my truck. The transmission shifts are firm, but not harsh. I wish this was available with overdrive lock-out in tow\haul mode. None the less, I am very pleased.

  • 5

    Posted by DAVID on Aug 2nd 2019


  • 5
    looney tune

    Posted by Sid Humphrey on Jul 14th 2019

    Excellent tune. Truck runs very smooth and power when you need it. Much better than the canned sct tunes which are not bad themselves.

  • 5
    Looney Tune

    Posted by Matt on Apr 9th 2019

    If you cant decide who to get your 6.0l tune from, I hope this review helps. Just WOW. I spent weeks reading everything about every popular tune there is. I finally went with one from a different shop and it was definitely better than the canned tunes but I wasn't thrilled with how the power came on and how it shifted. Ive gone with the "hot" tunes for the fuel milage not the power so the daily driveability is a big factor. I then went with a second shop and it was similar to the first. A hot tune that gets the job done but with a really sensitive throttle and hard shifts under regular driving. Then I decided to get Looney. I cant figure out how they've done it. It drives absolutely perfectly around town and on the freeway with no super hard shifts and a smooth progressive throttle. Then when you want to get around the prius in front of you in the fast lane the power is all there and more with phenomenal shifts that don't make it feel like the trans is going to drop out of the truck. You can 100% finish your tuning search right here!

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