123-35 Custom Tune Purchase for Ford 7.3L (1999-2003) Additional Tuning

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123-35 Custom Tune Purchase for Ford 7.3L (1999-2003) Additional Tuning

For stock injectors and/or turbo, the first tuning file is $50.  Each additional is $40.

For aftermarket injectors and/or turbo, the first tuning file is $65 and each additional is $55.

If you wish to purchase more than one tune, please choose part number 123-13 for the first and part number for each additional.



We write your tunes specifically for the computer in your truck.  You can tell us what that is by reading both your engine and transmission strategies:

To read your strategy, first you need to return to stock tuning, if you are tuned.  Connect the tuner to the obdii port in the truck and scroll over to Vehicle Information, press Select.  Follow the instructions on the tuner and let us know the VX (engine strategy) and TQ (transmission strategy.  This will tell us what computer is in your truck and that is what we write the files for.

We implement the revolutions per mile in all your tunes.  That helps with shifting and fuel mileage but if you change tires, you have to let us know as both shifting and fuel mileage will suffer.  There is never a charge for updating your tires.

Please take note this is custom tuning.  We do not recommend loading tunes on a vehicle, if the files were not written for that vehicle.


Tow - is designed for pulling. A normal tow file is about (50hp)


Street - is designed for street and highway driving. It's drivability parameters are intensified for ease in passing and maintaining higher speeds for longer periods of time. (80hp)


Looney - is designed for daily driving.   We've been told it shifts better than stock and as long as you are not always on the pedal, you will save FUEL!   It is written to give you the most power, for daily driving, will still keeping your gaskets intact. It can be very fuel efficient. (120hp)


Looney Wild - 20-30 hp more than the Looney (140hp) Only for 2002-2003 and still may be too strong.

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