Snow Performance 6.0/6.4/6.7L Ford Power Stroke Tow Max

$854.05 ($854.05 excl VAT) each Weight: 20. lb

Product # 1213-02-50113

New from Snow Performance is designed to give the most safe power, EGT control, and fuel economy while towing. Special mapping and sophisticated 2d digital controller available result in up to 300ºf exhaust gas temp reductions!

. This upgraded controller senses not only manifold boost pressure but also exhaust gas temperatures. New circuitry for robustness and higher boost levels. Using two inputs allows for the smoothest injection control while towing. More importantly, it also keeps the EGTs as low as possible – if they begin to climb, even if the boost stays constant, the Stage 3 controller will read this and inject more water-methanol to compensate

It also now has a brighter Green LCD screen that displays boost, EGTs, and injection pump output. This means a savings of $200-$300 in gauges you don’t have to buy.

•             Will not adversely affect particulate matter filter like most other diesel power adders

•             Doesn’t leave a “signature” on vehicles computer so warranty isn’t jeopardized

•             Comes complete with large 7 gal. reservoir for a truly complete system

•             The best towing specific system on the market – true 2d mapping with EGT control

•             Provides better fuel economy (1-2 MPG), more power (50-100 HP), and lower EGTs (150°-300° F)

•             Dash mounted module – displays real time – no need for gauges

In the words of a satisfied customer, “now I can tow my trailer 20 MPH faster up the steepest grades with cooler EGT’s”. Better yet, this is all accomplished with a fluid that costs less than $1.50 a gallon!