EGR Delete Kit w/o Pipe

$175.00 ($175.00 excl VAT) each Weight: 4. kg

Part Number: 0899-01

This kit allows removal of the EGR Cooler from the truck. Coolant flow is directed through the included pipe to maintain proper flow. Exhaust gas is kept where it should be, driving the turbo. A 20-30 degree drop in coolant temperature was common on our test trucks. On certain trucks this modification may set a check engine light, which our custom tunes can eliminate.

Includes: Stainless Steel Coolant Redirect Pipe, EGR Valve Blocker Plate w/ oring, EGR Cooler to Intake Blocker Plate, steel shim gaskets, and Stainless Steel up-pipe plug.

Installing this kit requires loosening and raising