Bullet Proof Engine Oil System

$1,595.00 ($1,595.00 excl VAT) each

Delete your Stock Engine Oil Cooler while keeping your factory oil filter! The Bullet Proof Diesel Engine Oil System replaces the stock oil cooler with a large, air-cooled, real-world-tested external oil cooler.

Ford's Stock Oil Cooler depends on multiple narrow adjacent pathways for oil/coolant heat transfer. While this may look great on paper, in your 6.0 these tiny channels can clog and stop the flow of coolant. Our Bullet Proof Oil Cooler is designed to keep the coolant separate from the oil system by sending the coolant directly to theEGR cooler.


The hot, dirty crankcase oil is routed to a large-capacity spin-on oil filter before being cooled by a heavy-duty air-to-oil cooler. This means that while you are no longer dependent on the Ford canister oil filter, you are also free of having your engine oil temperature regulated by your engine coolant temperature.