Edge Attitude CS Upgrade Kit for 2006-2010 Dodge Cummins 5.9L & 6.7L - Free Shipping

$349.00 ($349.00 excl VAT) each Weight: 2. lb

Part # 83501-0788-56

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The Edge Products CS/CTS Attitude Upgrade Kit is designed for those who already have an Edge Juice with Attitude and wish to upgrade to the newer style CS/CTS Monitors. You will continue to use your current Juice Module and components while simply purchasing the CS or CTS Attitude Monitor.
• Controls Edge Products Juice Module
• Full-color, hi-resolution, 4.3 inch touchscreen (CTS)
• Full-color, high-resolution, 2.4 inch button-controlled screen (CS)
• Easy Instillation
• Ships with a universal suction cup mount and is compatible with all Edge custom dash pods (sold separately)
• Includes light sensitivity meter to dim screen as ambient light decreases
• Internet Updateable (Attitude only)


When used with the Juice, the Attitude CS or CTS monitor  is a comprehensive gauge package that stays mounted in the cab of the truck and displays up to eight from dozens of available parameters at a time. Monitor vital engine data, such as EGTs*, engine coolant temperature, transmission fluid temperature, engine oil temperature, and RPM, to name a few. CTS also shows Pitch & Roll as well as real time G-Force monitoring.

Performance and records such as HP & Torque, 0-60 and quarter-mile times; quarter-mile MPH; peak engine temperature, RPM, speed and transmission temperature values. Sounds audible alerts when user-defined values are reached and automatically records the highest value of key parameters.

EXPANDABLE (items sold separately)
Compatible with optional Edge Accessory System (EAS) to allow users to connect multiple, additional accessories

BACK-UP CAMERA (sold separately)
The Attitude CTS features a built-in video port that allows users to connect the state-of-the-art Edge back-up camera, or other compatible video source directly to the CTS unit.

MyStyle™ software that allows users to choose from a variety of Edge custom backgrounds or simply upload an image of your choice. Size, crop and save to your CS or CTS unit for the ultimate in customizability.