EFI Autocal Chevy/GM 2011-2016 Stock Injectors & Turbo


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EFI Autocal Chevy/GM 2011-2016 Stock Injectors & Turbo

EFILive's AutoCal device is intended to provide a convenient platform for professional tuners to distribute custom tunes to their customers. And for their customers to collect and submit logged data back to the tuner for analysis. It allows the tuner to update and optimize the original tune without shipping and/or removing controllers from customers' vehicles.  To program an AutoCal device for an end user, the Tuner must first program the AutoCal using their FlashScan V2 device.

Where FlashScan V2 offers end users the ability to create, view, and modify tunes, with AutoCal ONLY the FlashScan V2 programmed to the AutoCal device has that access.  The end user gains access to the tune, and the ability to data log/read clear codes, but the Tuner retains software permissions.  AutoCal devices cannot be shared by an end user between multiple FlashScan devices, only the device that first programmed the AutoCal has software rights to that device.

Tune Options:

Tow- 50hp - Just a little more than stock to remove the factory limitations and attempt to improve fuel mileage.  The perfect tune for heavy hauling too.

Street -90hp - Nice daily driver and you can still tow up to 10k.

Looney - 120hp - Just the right amount of performance for your daily commute.

Tunes are for stock injectors and turbo only.