ISSPRO Performax Electronic Signal Processor

$285.00 ($285.00 excl VAT) each

Product # R82000-3940-01

The ISSPRO Performax Electronic Control Module is required for all Performax gauges to work. Only one ECM is necessary for up to 17 Performax gauges. Each gauge comes with the required sensors, harness, and components needed for a typical installation.

Product Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Product Features

  • Required for Performax Gauges to Work
  • Works with up to 17 Gauges!

Product Notes

  • Kit Includes
    • (1) Performax Electronic Signal Processor
    • (1) Grey Wire-A
    • (1) Black Wire-B
    • (1) Green Wire-C
    • (1) Brown Wire-D
    • (1) Wire Insertion Assembly Tool

Vehicle Application

  • Universal



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The ESP transmits data up to 17 Isspro Performax Gauges. The way it works is through daisy chaining gauges together and snapping them into their perspective pods, so they can be exchanged in minutes without the use of any special tools. Once your initial setup has been installed, changing gauges is as simple as unplugging the old one and plugging in the new gauge. Each gauge uses its own signal that lets you daisy chain them together with the same wiring harness avoiding a bundle of wires and the hassle of trying to figure out which wire goes to what gauge. Isspro Performax Gauges offer you the versatility that you want while still giving you hassle free installation.