7.3 Custom Tunes (19999-2003)

$50.00 ($50.00 excl VAT) each

Part Number: 123-13

Stock - available.

Tow - is designed for pulling any amount of weight.  (60-70rwhp.

Street - is designed for highway driving.  It's drivability parameters are intensified for ease in passing and maintaining higher speeds for longer periods of time. (80-100rwhp)

Looney - is designed for daily driving.   We've been told it shifts better than stock and as long as you are not always on the pedal, you will save FUEL!   It is the highest daily tune that we will send via the net without physically tuning your truck. (110-130rwhp)

Looney Wild - is designed for daily driving.  It seems to be the most fuel efficient file we offer. (130-150rwhp)