Ready Lift Anti Wobble Trac Bar for up to 4" Lift

$650.00 ($650.00 excl VAT) each Weight: 14. lb

Part Number 77-2000-5051-01

Ford F-450 Super Duty 4WD 2005-2013, Off Road Adjustable Track Bar Kit for 0"-4" Lift. This sturdy bar is designed to eliminate front-end steering oscillation - sometimes referred to as “death wobble” - on Ford Super Duty trucks. If your Ford truck has “Death Wobble” this stiffer piece should cure it.


  • 1.5”x.188-wall steel tube
  • CNC-machined bungs
  • 7/8” Heim joints
  • 4140 chrome-moly clevis
  • Eliminates steering wobble
  • Adjustable length

This bar is fabricated from stiff, thick 1.5”x.188-wall steel tube, fitted with CNC-machined welded end bungs. The clevis is machined from a bar of 4140 chrome-moly high-strength steel, fitted to huge 7/8” Heim joints. Designed to cure the “death wobble” steering oscillation that Ford engineered in to the late-model trucks, this part relies on its extra stiffness to restore your vehicle’s intended steering crispness and precision. Trucks with a larger lift or lift kits which provide a drop track bar and or drop pitman arm may require a bent bar depending on the amount of track bar bracket drop.