Ready Lift Tracbar Drop Bracket

$220.00 ($220.00 excl VAT) each Weight: 14. lb

Part Number 67-2535-5051-02

Ford F-450 Super Duty 4WD 2005-2007, Track Bar Bracket. Owners who have lifted the front suspension more than an inch may notice that the truck steers on its own - and not in a good way. Fix that with this dropped track bar bracket. The Track Bar Bracket is built like the stock bracket - it’s stout cast iron.


  • Cast iron construction
  • Repositions frame end of track rod lower to compensate for body lift
  • Pulls axle back to center of vehicle
  • Corrects steering wander on lifted trucks
  • E-coated for durability
  • Replaces original mounting bracket, uses original mounting points
  • Lifetime Warranty

Raising a truck changes many subtle things in the steering. One effect is to change the angle of the front track bar (sometimes referred to as a Panhard rod). This bar goes from one side of the truck’s frame to the opposite side of the axle housing. It’s what keeps the front axle from moving from side to side, instead of only up and down like it’s supposed to. Normally, it’s almost horizontal, so the axle doesn’t move back and forth, left and right as the truck moves up and down on the suspension. But when you lift the truck, the track bar tilts upward on the frame end while the axle end stays put. This has two effects: the first is to pull the axle to the side, putting the truck out of thrust line alignment. That will make the steering wheel slightly off-center when you’re moving straight ahead. Perhaps more noticeable is a left-right steering effect as the axle moves up and down. Moving the frame-side pivot down in relation to the body - closer to where it started before the body was lifted - will minimize both of these effects.

Manufactured from cast iron, it’s e-coated for a long-lasting finish. It attaches to the factory mounting points with the factory hardware.