Rev-X Fuel Additive

$17.95 ($17.95 excl VAT) each Weight: 1. lb

Part Number: 2021-02


When you are looking for the highest quality summer fuel additive for
today's Ultra low sulfur diesel fuel you need to look no further than the
REV-X DISTANCE+ Diesel fuel additive product.  The DISTANCE+ fuel additive
was formulated to be a true all in one ULSD fuel additive that requirers
NOTHING else to be added.  DISTANCE+ fuel additive enhances today's ULSD
fuel to performance levels that our competitors products just can't touch.

Benefits of DISTANCE+ Diesel Fuel Additive:

*         Year Round Protection in warm weather areas.

*         6 point Cetane Increase (not 6% like others).

*         Neutalizes Negetive Aspects of Bio Blend Fuels (B5 - B20).

*         Improves Cold Starting On All Diesel Engines.

*         Increased Detergant and Lubrication Properties.

*         Increased Corrosion Protection.

*         Increased Engine Performance.

*         Reduced Component Wear.

*         Reduced Engine and Exhaust Emissions and Toxic Smoke.

*         Dramaticly Increased Fuel Storage Life.

*         Increased Water Dispertion.

*         Reduced EGT Temperatures.

*         Keeps Fuel Stable to -0F.

*         -Many Customers Are Also Reporting Fuel Mileage Gains as Well!