Sinister Coolant Filter System

Sinister Coolant Filter System
$154.00 ($154.00 excl VAT) each Weight: 2. lb

Part Number: coolfil-6.0-1920-06

Coolant Filter Kit is a bypass-style system that filters a small amount of
the coolant on each pass.  By using a spin on filter we make it easy for you
to change your coolant filter at regular intervals.  These filters will
remove all solid particles. Install a coolant filter in order to extend the
longevity of your cooling system components & oil cooler. Typically you will
use 3 filters in the first 9 months. Once the initial 9 months has passed
you will only need to change the filter once a year.


*        1 Coolant Filter
*        Coolant Filter Assembly
*        Coolant Hoses
*        All Hose Clamps & Hardware for Installation
*        Installation Instructions