Frequently Asked Questions Ford/SCT

Quick Tricks Automotive - Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive a file?

During regular working hours, unless arrangements have been made otherwise, we attempt to send the tune(s) within the hour, once we have all the required information and payment, definitely within 24 hours if unforeseen circumstances make it impossible to comply with our hour target.

Do I need an SCT tuner?  

Yes.  We tune Ford only with SCT and have the programmers available to ship same day, if you need to purchase.  If you purchase the SCT programmer from us, the purchase includes unlimited custom tuning for the 7.3L and 6.0L Superdutys.  Unlimited Tuning Applies to the same truck with the same tuner and is not transferable.  For the 6.4L and 6.7L Superdutys, we offer the files at a discounted price if you purchase the tuner from us.

Can you load the tunes if I purchase the tuner from Quick Tricks?

We write the files specific for the computer in your truck and will need to know what that is.  If you can read your computer ahead of time, we will be more than happy to load the tunes for you.

How can I read my computer before receiving the SCT programmer?

If you know someone who already has an SCT tuner, they can read your strategy without having to take their vehicle back to stock.  You can read strategy with the Ford IDS (scan tool), some Snap On scanners, the Auto Enginuity and the Edge CTS.  

If I can't read my computer, how do I get my tunes?

On all tuner purchases we email complete instructions on reading your strategy, downloading the software from the SCT site, updating your tuner and loading tunes.  You can download the software ahead of time.  We don't recommend connecting the tuner to the computer before installing the software as it sometimes causes a need to install the drivers manually or the tuner will not be detected.

Once you receive the tuner, you will read your strategy, tell us what it is and we will email the tune(s) to you.  When you receive your save the file(s) to your computer, like you would save any picture, spreadsheet or word document.  Through the software that SCT offers to you, you will load the tunes on your tuner.  The tuner walks you through loading the files on the truck.

It is very, very important that you check the tuner for updates before loading any file from the computer to the programmer.  If you don't, your tune may load but it might not work properly and we won't be able to do anything until you update the software on the tuner as it garbles in the transmission and is no longer our tune.

How do I get the tunes on the tuner?

SCT provides the software.  You must first download the Device Updater which will place an icon on your Desktop.

It is very important that you update the software on the tuner before loading any tune from the computer to the programmer.

We also have written instructions we can send to you.

What do I do if I have problems loading the software, updating the tuner or loading tunes?

Please feel free to call or email us.  We will try to help you as best we can.  However, SCT has a great tech support department (407-774-2447) that will take over your computer and fix everything for you.  They do not supply us with the tools to work with their software.  Unless it is something very simple, calling them may be the quickest way to get help.

What if my truck is not running right after tuning?

There are many reasons why.  The first step is to make sure you updated the software on the tuner before loading the file from the computer to the programmer. The second step is to resend the file in case it got corrupt somehow.  If a problem continues, we will go through tech with you to figure it out.  

Something to keep in mind is if anything is not working up to par in your truck, when you add horsepower it will be much more noticeable. Something not noticeable stock or very slight will reveal itself.  

What happens if I change tires or gears?

We implement your gear ratio and revs per mile based on your tire size in all your tunes.  That will help with shifting and fuel mileage.  However, if you change tires or gears, it is important you tell us so we can update the tune(s) for you.  There is no-charge for updating your gears or revs and set incorrectly, both shifting and fuel mileage will suffer.

Will the tune/tuner correct my speedometer?

We set your revs in the pcm and tcm only.  The speedometer is controlled by the ABS and we have no access to it.  SCT did add a feature, unfortunately, only available for 2005+, where you can set the revs before loading the file.  It is preset at 612 or 660 revs.  You may have to work with it to get it perfect for you.

Can I order a tune that opens or further closes the vanes of the turbo at idle?

We do not write files that attempt to manipulate the way any part in your truck is supposed to work.  If you have run one of these files, keep in mind, you may have to go back to stock and reload our file up to 3 and 4 times to get your turbo to spool correctly, if it is not already too late.  We only enhance the stock file, depending on the type of file you've requested.  We will not do anything we don't believe to be good for the truck.

Do you write smoke tunes?

A smoke file is not in any way a daily driver tune.  We do not sell smoke files because we can't certify to you how much it will smoke or how long it will smoke and there are different perceptions.  If you have unlimited tuning and want to try a smoke file we will write it for you.  Keep in mind that smoke is very dependent on the trucks and some will smoke more than others.  A smoke file should only be used off road (popular at events) and for a very short period of time.

If I add aftermarket injectors and/or turbo, do I need a new tune?  What is the charge for that?

If you add an aftermarket turbo or injectors, you will need a new tune to get the most out of the products and your truck running ship-shape.  If you wish to update the file(s) you already have, it is $30 for the turbo and $30 for the injectors or $50 for both. Please see part number 123-. If you prefer a new tune, 2nd tune prices will apply, part number 123-2.

Do you write lope tunes?

No.  We don't believe loping is good for the truck.

How do your files compare to other tuners tunes?

We have not run others file and don't know what they do to tune them so we are not in a position to give opinions.  Everyone is different, the trucks are different and no one tune will always work for everyone.  We however will always work with you to make it the best it can be!

How much weight can I tow with Looney on stock headbolts?

Rule of thumb, up to 3000 lbs. on flat ground and 1500 in the mountains.  When pulling weight, always be able to monitor the trucks vitals and if anything does not seem right, go back to stock and figure it out.  It is important to mitigate your damages.  If the truck is not working up to par, the added horsepower can only make it worse.