Kloud9Nine(K99 Tuning) - Three 6.0L Tunes

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Kloud9Nine(K99 Tuning) - Three 6.0L Tunes

*Tuning is ONLY available for RTD and MPVI2 tuners from HP Tuners.

Tow (Please Specify With or Without Jake Brake)

 Designed  for pulling.  A normal tow file is about 50hp, when aggressive can  range between 65-75.  We can also add jake brake to any tow file.  This  feature works with the exhaust back pressure in your truck and you must  have your tow-haul on when pulling weight but don't need to turn  tow-haul on if not towing. 

Eco City (Please Specify With or Without Jake Brake)

 Designed  for people who tow often and/or tow heavy who don’t want to change  tunes when not towing.  It is an economy/tow type file with 80-85hp and  most people find it very fuel efficient.  It is also the file we  recommend for when it is very cold, the streets are slippery or the  weather is just bad.  


 Designed  for highway driving.  It's driveability parameters are intensified for ease in passing and maintaining higher speeds for longer periods of time. (90-120rwhp)   


 The Looney is our flagship tune.  A popular performance tune with smooth shifting and better fuel economy. (130-160rwhp)   

Looney Wild

 20-30  hp more than the Looney but we only offer to customers with aftermarket  headstuds.  This is a daily driver file and seems to be the most fuel  efficient we offer for the 6.0L (150-190 rwhp) 


*Call 305-764-5238 to inquire about shift on the fly tunes or a race tune.

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