Quick Tricks (FICM) Fuel Injection Contol Module Upgraded to 58v Half Shell (No Core)

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Fuel Injection Module Upgraded to 58v  - Replace the DC converter board.

Some 2003-2007 F-Super Duty, 2003-2005 Excursion and 2004-2010 E-Series vehicles equipped with a 6.0L engine may exhibit a runs rough, lacks power, hard start, no start concern with or without diagnostic trouble code (DTC) P0611 code or various injector circuit codes. This concern may be caused by a DC-DC converter located in one half of the Fuel Injector Control Module (FICM) or by the main circuit board in the other half of the FICM.

The FICM contains two major internal components, the main circuit board and a DC-DC converter. The DC-DC converter is the device that amplifies battery voltage to 48 volts to operate the injectors.

Low FICM supply voltage results in increased FICM operating loads, potentially damaging or shortening the life of the FICM.